Master Dissertation

As a dissertation is a proposal that college students must write, it is not always approached confidently. A master dissertation allows a student to experience creating a topic, writing summaries, thinking in terms of methods and research, and concluding by solving their own problem statement. The master dissertation itself allows readers to see what you, as the writer and student, went through to solve your problem. One form of methodology is conducting a survey. This allows you to come up with raw data for you to analysis and make decisions. If the subject matter involves the opinions or lifestyles of a general population, than a survey is a convenient and helpful way to go. You just need to make sure that you design the survey accordingly, and that it stays true to the topic; make sure that the answers are able to answer your posed question.

When writing a masters dissertation, it is important to know the needed components beforehand, so that you are prepared as you begin your research. Within a masters dissertation, there is the thesis statement, an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and the conclusion. Some instructors may require that you also prepare an abstract, which is a lengthy version of the introduction. One of the most important things when writing a masters dissertation is picking a topic that can interest you throughout the investigation and provide numerous resources. A topic in which you are already knowledgeable in will prove to be a huge asset, as this can cut down the amount of time spent doing the actual research.

Make sure that your literature review is thorough and descriptive. The literature review provides the reader with the resources that you used during your research, and can help to further prove your point if the reader is met with plausible resources. The reader may also want to review the works themselves, so it is useful to provide them with the proper information. When writing the methodology, discuss the methods that worked and the methods that did not work and explain why. The conclusion of the masters dissertation is just as vital as its main purpose is to answer the core question found within the thesis statement at the beginning of the paper. It is also in this part that you make note of your own opinions, conclusions, and thoughts in regards to the paper and its outcome.