PhD Dissertation

A PhD dissertation is a research paper that helps to expand the knowledge and understanding of a PhD student. As with any form of research paper or dissertation, a PhD dissertation involves working through a rigorous research procedure to come up with a worthwhile question and investigation of a specific topic. Though a PhD is a higher level of education, the same basic guidelines of writing a dissertation are followed. Furthermore, in college, a PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is the highest level of education, so the PhD dissertations must reflect that by being of the highest quality.


Even in a PhD level of a dissertation paper, the same sections found in undergraduate and masters dissertations are still needed. The introduction is still there, as well as the methodology, the literature review, and the conclusion. The research for the paper is more difficult and intense than an undergraduate or master paper, so the paper must show that the proper research and investigation has been done. As with any level of education, the PhD dissertation allows the readers and instructors to see the knowledge you have gained in both your topic and in writing research papers. Combining research methods can also be helpful, such as doing a survey and doing external referencing. The more information you have to back up your topic, the more reliable it will be for your reader. However, you also need to make sure that you do not use a method that will not be helpful to your paper, though it is okay to briefly mention those methods and why they would not work. It would show the reader that you are knowledgeable in the ways of proper research.


One of the most important parts of a PhD dissertation, as with any research paper, is the PhD thesis, or introduction. You need to let the reader know what to expect from the paper by giving a brief summary of your topic, the methods used, your results, and your final conclusion. Then you flesh it all out in the body of the paper.


It is simple to search the Internet to find samples of PhD dissertations or research topics, as well as different formats if your instructor does not specify one. Friends, peers, and instructors can also prove to be great assets while you are working on your PhD dissertation. The PhD dissertation involves much time and research, but its overall job is to show how much you have gained during your course of study, so it is not something to slack off on.